The Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies

Ira F. Brilliant was a real estate developer from Arizona who established a center for Beethoven at the Martin Luther King Library in 1983. The center serves as a museum, event and a research facility.

The center has pianos form the 1800s in its mist, including a replica of one that Beethoven had at his home.

The center also had a replica of a life mask of Beethoven that had been taken in Germany. When Beethoven had his original life mask done, he had to had straws in his nose so he could breathe while the wax dried on his face. However, Beethoven got impatient, due to his discomfort with the procedure, and threw the mask onto the ground before it was done. This the original was broken in pieces and remains in Germany. The replica of the life mask is an assembly of the original pieces, thus giving individuals a look at how the mask would of looked like had it not been broken.

On a funny note, in their administrative office Eric, one of the staff members, showed off his Beethoven action figure!

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