San Jose, California, The California Center, The California Room

The California Room Of The Martin Luther King, Junior Library

The California Room of the Martin Luther King, Junior Library of San Jose holds a collection of local history. When I visited the California Doom had an exhibit regarding four famous poets who had once lived in San Jose.

There is much more to find at this facility, which acts as an archieve for cities and towns throughout the state. Intestinal enough, the center has current newsletters on historical organizations throughout the Bay Area such as The California Pioneers, The Santa Clara Historical Society, The Preservationists Society, The Argonaut Historical Society, and various other organizations. I’m grateful because their archieve made me realize how many organizations that currently exist in Silicon Valley.

The Center has the largest books I’ve ever seen, I could feel the weight of them just by opening them, with information on the properties of San Jose. California Fire Insurance companies would use those books to access the values of properties in the city, before these records were converted to digital files.

Overall, the California Center is a very useful resource for anyone trying to learn more about local history and other historical topics.

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