Albrecht Durer

Plight of the Endangered Rhinoceros

In 1515, the artist, Albrecht Dürer, published a print called, “The Rhinoceros”. In response to that print, from centuries ago, Anne Beck and Michelle Wilson have launched their exhibit “The Rhinoceros Project”, which is about the plight of that endangered animal and the recent extinction of one of their species, at the San Jose Quilt Museum.

The black Rhinocerous became extinct in 2011 and as of now there are only three White Rhinocerous left on earth. The artist told me that the only White Rhinocerous male left is the father of their other female Rhinocerous and the grandfather of their third one, this no breeding is possible. Scientists are currently looking into cross breeding the last two females from other male species.

In April 2018 the Rhinocerous Project Display moved from the San Jose Quilt Musuem to the Works Art in downtown.


National Geographic reported that the last male white rhinoceros was euthanized on March 19, 2018 after battling a lung infection.

You can find out more about our project here:

1 thought on “Plight of the Endangered Rhinoceros”

  1. Phil – thanks so much for writing about our project! Just to clarify, Albrecht Durer was an artist who lived in the 16th Century in Nuremburg. We are Anne Beck and Michelle Wilson, and our project is a response to his 1515 print, “The Rhinoceros.” You can find out more about our project here:
    Thanks again!
    -Anne and Michelle


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