Decision Points, President George Walker Bush, Virginia Beach, Virginia

George Bush Responds to the Book Carving of “Decision Points”

Artist Maggie, from The Artists Gallery in Virginia Beach, is an avid book carver that has gotten attention locally and from national figures such as President George Walker Bush and his wife Laura Bush.  After carving the word, “Reflections” into one of the copies of “Decision Points”, Maggie send a letter to former President Bush.  As an artist, and a former statesman, here is how he responded:

This was Maggie’s flyer of the “Decision Points” book she carved when she opened her book carving exhibit, within “The Artists Gallery” that is shared with several other talented artists.

Maggie has several other books that I got to view, such as her rendering of the science fiction novel “Fahrenheit 451” with paper flames sticking out of the book.

Note from the artist regarding why George Walker Bush’s book “Decision Points” was chosen:

“The book I used for this project could have been any president/party. I was looking for a book that would be appropriate for the word “Reflections” and would be large enough to also carve a reflection of the letters underneath. His book fit the bill”.

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