de Saisset Art and History Museum, Mission Santa Clara de Asis, Santa Clara University

Mission Santa Clara De Asís At Santa Clara University

On February 23, 2018 I visited Mission Santa Clara de Asís, within the property of Santa Clara University, for my first time.  I have been to other missions in the Bay Area, such as in Santa Cruz and Monterey before, but Mission Santa Clara was the most fascinating of the ones I had seen at that time.

Inside of the church there are several paintings and sculptures of Jesus and of various Christian saints. There are multiple silk sheets and plaques at the main entrance with information on the Spaniards that built the mission itself. The grounds around the church are built in a Spanish style decor which Santa Clara University has preserved.

Mission Santa Clara was named after Clare of Assisi and was founded on the Guadalupe River on January 12, 1777, about a year and a half after the American Revolutionary War began.

Next to the mission structures is the de Saisset Art and History Museum of Santa Clara University. The main exhibit downstairs consisted of history of various pioneers and inventors in the area.

One featured inventor, was Santa Clara College graduate John J. Montgomery who built a glider called the “aeroplane”.

Upstairs was a lovely Jazz photo collection of Chuck Stewart and other musicians. In addition there were fifty sketches from artist Michael Mazur who was depicting his vision of Dante’s Inferno.

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