Bear Valley, California, John Charles Frémont

Bear Valley, California

The area of Bear Valley, California, has gone by several other names such as Haydenville, Biddle’s Camp, Biddleville, Simpsonville, and Johnsonville. Bear Valley was named after John Charles Frémont’s involvement with the “Bear Revolt”, after the town was established as Frémont’s headquarters within Mariposa County, after he purchased the Rancho Las Mariposas Grant. Frémont built a home called “The White House” and a hotel, near the “Oso House”, which hosted famous patrons such as Ulysses S. Grant, within Bear Valley.

John Muir

The Awahnee Tavern – Where President Theodore Roosevelt Had Lunch On His Way To See John Muir

The Awahnee Tavern was originally owned by Franklin Dennis, and would pass along to various owners in a short period of time. The Awahnee Tavern is a site where President Theodore Roosevelt had lunch on his way to meet John Muir for their hiking trip in Yosemite. Other famous individuals such as Susan B. Anthony, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and the Crown Prince Albert of Belguim also visited the tavern.

The tavern is currently abandoned and a historical marker indicates the site.