Mark Twain

The Mark Twain Museum Of Virginia City, Nevada

When the Mark Twain Musuem of Virginia City, Nevada was established it paid homage to the author who worked for the newspaper “The Territorial Enterprise”. Mark Twain wrote about his Nevada adventures in his book “Roughin’ It” which the museum had utilized for some of the information regarding Twain’s life.

The Mark Twain Museum was owned by a family and was established in a former Territorial Enterprise Building that was used after the newspaper moved from Genoa to Virginia City in 1860. However, the museum is currently closed, with only historical markers viable from the outside of the building. Across the street from the former museum is the Mark Twain Saloon.

Author’s Note:

Author Philip Hamilton visited the site of the former Mark Twain Musuem on his way to the Burning Man Festival.

Virginia City, Nevada

The Founding Of Virginia City, Nevada

On June 8, 1859, Virginia City, Nevada was founded after the Comstock Lode was discovered by two Irishmen Patrick McLaughlin and Peter O’Reilly . The area of Virginia City day on the largest silver deposit in the state of Nevada. During the U.S. Civil War, President Lincoln daughter to keep Nevada in the Union so the silver, from mines such as those in Virginia City, could help finance the war.

Presently, when you enter Virginia City, there is a mining artifact you see from the Comstock Lode.