San Jose, California

The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum And Planetarium

Photograph of the original location of the Rosicrucian Oriental Museum.

In 1930, the Rosicrucian Oriental Museum opened to the public, in a building facing Naglee Avenue in San Jose, California, with a variety of exhibits on ancient Egyptian artifacts.

In 1966, the Rosicrucian Oriental Museum was moved from its original location to a larger facility, with an outdoor gardens, located at 1660 Park Avenue San Jose, California. The museum would be renamed to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum And Planetarium.

The musuem hosts one of seven existing statues of Cleopatra VII, a former Egyptian Queen, that exist in the world.

The outdoor section of the museum hosts an elaborate set of outdoor building art, sculptures and gardens.

A replica of the obelisk at the House of the Sun, in Heliopolis, Egypt, the Biblical city of On, is within the gardens.

Another statue dedicated to Pythagoras, whom is looking upwards to the sky, is in the gardens.

San Jose, California, The Bank Of America

One Of The First Skyscrapers Of San Jose, California – A Bank Of Italy Building

In 1925, construction on a new Bank of Italy building, which was one of the first skyscrapers for the City of San Jose, California, began. Construction on the skyscraper would be completed a year later in 1926. The skyscraper would later become owned by the Bank of America.

Currently, a historical marker indicates the site of the former Bank of Italy building.

San Jose, California

The Letitia Building – Named After The Daughter Of The First American Governor Of California

The Letitia Building, which was designed by Jacob Lenzen, was named after Letitia M. Burnette and constructed in 1890. Letitia M. Burnette was the daughter of Peter Hardeman Burnett, the first American Governor of California. Later in life she would marry C.T. Ryland and has her name changed to Letitia M. Burnette Ryland.